Birthday Party Pack

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Birthday Party Pack for fabulous Fairy Parties!

1. Start with one of our birthday packs
2. First you need a container, we prefer plant pots Fill with flower arranging foam (oasis)
3. Let everyone use their imagination to make their own unique garden
4. We provide plenty of silk flowers to bring the garden to life.
5. There is plenty of scope for different gardens
6. Use twigs from your garden to bring your own style
7. Maybe even make your own banners with the children’s names
8. It allows each child to express themselves in their own special way.
9. A unique and engaging party with a different kind of ‘party bag’
10. Every party is different ?#?fairy? party
We can supply Dragons instead of Fairies if wanted.
Fairy films and games are a must!
Pots, oasis, twigs and banners we dont supply
Price £20.00 per child plus p+p
Includes in each pack
Silk flowers
Fairy or Dragon or Goblin
A accessory ( eg Bench,Chair,Birdbath etc)
Fairy Dust
Mushrooms x 2
Stepping Stone
Gem stones
10. Every party is different #fairy party

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