Wendy and Julie are sisters who are slightly fairy mad!

Julie is married with a 12 year old daughter called Jessica.  She is a professional florist but loves to be creative; regularly making birthday cakes, homemade cards, jewellery, decoupage and ceramics.  Julie has an eye for detail, particularly when its things that are going to catch the imagination of children.

Wendy is married with a 17 year old son, James and a 12 year old daughter called Grace.  Her background is from the financial sector and she has run her own business with her husband for the past 20 years. Creativity is not her middle name but she is very good with the business side of the company.

Away with the Fairies was started because Jessica and Grace were growing up fast.  Wendy and Julie wanted to hold on to that special magic which comes with believing.  Inspired by a visit to a local garden show where they saw fairy houses for the first time Away with the Fairies was born, they are currently loving their new joint enterprise.

Children peeking in the windows of houses, looking for the fairy at home always brings smiles to everyone’s faces.

Long may the magic last!



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